2015-2016 1st Quarter Awards

The Cincinnati Reds and Duke Energy are proud to provide our 7th-12th grade students who earned an "A" average (3.66 and above) for the first nine weeks with a pair of tickets to one 2016 Reds home game.  Letters from the Reds organization will be given to these students in March with information on how to order the tickets online.


Perfect Attendance:  Lauren Arnold, Autumn Baker, Jacob Baldwin, Patience Bruce, Nathaniel Buchanan, Brianna Burleson, Michael Carmean, Meadow Cunningham, Matthew Deckard, Hunter Elking, Nicholas Evans, Megan Gragg, Garrett Irvin, Zachary Ison, Jerrel Martinez, Matthew Reece, Lyndee Spargur, Haven Woods

A Honor Roll:  Brianna Barnes, Nathaniel Buchanan, Brianna Burleson, Kaylee Carder, Brandston Duffie, Megan Gragg, Garrett Irvin, Kamryn Magee, Mathew Reece, Lyndee Spargur

A-B Honor Roll:  Katelyne Adams, Lauren Arnold, Dale Back, Jacob Baldwin, Lexie Barcus, Breanah Cartwright, Tanner Collins, Meadow Cunningham, Savanna Davis, Matthew Deckard, Chad Fenker, Riley Friend, Trinity Huff, Zachary Ison, Marayah Martin, Jerrel Martinez, Layne Morgan, Randee Pegan, Aubrey Phillips, Rachel Schuler, Austin Setty, Matthew Spears, Teigan Thackston, Corey Wait, Haven Woods

Straight "A" Reds Tickets:  Katelyne Adams, Dale Back, Brianna Barnes, Nathaniel Buchanan, Brianna Burleson, Kaylee Carder, Breanah Cartwright, Meadow Cunningham, Savanna Davis, Brandtson Duffie, Riley Friend, Megan Gragg, Garrett Irvin, Kamryn Magee, Mathew Reece, Austin Setty, Lyndee Spargur, Teigan Thackston, Haven Woods


Perfect Attendance:   Tucker Ayres, Quinton Beatty, Andrew Davis, Maggie Donahue, Aubrey Ddrabik, Cody Gragg, John Grimm, Dakota Haynes, Alexis Hunter, Candace James, Matthew Mangus, Noah Richmond, Annya Sheppard, Garrett Spargur, Megan Stanton, Nicholas Tate, Yancy Wisecup, Sarah Young

A Honor Roll:  Blake Adams, Chloe Barber, Veronika Burgess, Andrew Davis, Aubrey Drabik, John Grimm, Macinzey Harvey, Ciara Knisley, Matthew Mangus, Carli Reiber, Garrett Spargur, Emily Williams

A-B Honor Roll:  Tucker Ayres, Maggie Donahue, Wyatt Durbin, Cody Gragg, Dakota Haynes, Alexis Hunter, Makenna Lane, Caitlyn Melson, Landen Murphy, Nicholas Price, Hannah Purdin, Noah Richmond, Megan Sanderson, Annya Sheppard, Ashley Sowards, Andrea Spears, Shaynelle Turner, Jocelyn Ursell, Brandon Vidourek, Hannah Willey, Yancy Wisecup, Jordan Wright, Sarah Young, Dylan Zimmerman

Straight "A" Reds Tickets:  Blake ADams, Chloe Barber, Veronika Burgess, Andrew Davis, Maggie Donahue, Aubrey Drabik, Cody Gragg, John Grimm, Macinzey Harvey, Dakota Haynes, Alexis Hunter, Ciara Knisley, Makenna Lane, Matthew Mangus, Caitlyn Melson, Nicholas Price, Carli Reiber, Ashley Sowards, Garrett Spargur, Andrea Spears, Shaynelle Turner, Jocelyn Ursell, Brandon Vidourek, Hannah Willey, Emily Williams, Jordan Wright, Sarah Young, Dylan Zimmerman


Perfect Attendance:  Carly Arnold, Dillon Burley, Daniel Dailey, Devon Haynes, Clayton Jacobs, Abigail Newkirk, Mikayla Page, Anthony Paul, Mila Promsit, Hannah Putnam

A Honor Roll:  Daniel Dailey, Jensen Daulton, Lane Frost, Brittney Mondabaugh, Mallory Nestler, Alexandria Powers, Leann Richards

A-B Honor Roll:  Carly Arnold, Olivia Bobb, Brooke Buchanan, Dillon Burley, Jesse Current, Wyatt Evans, Lauren Greene, Sherry Heckathorn, Braden Heizer, Sarah Howard, Hannah Howell, Logan McClanahan, Abigail Newkirk, Mila Promsit, Hannah Putnam, Emily Shope, Emily Smithson, Alex Spears, Shelby Turner, Klay Walker, Baylee Willey

Straight "A" Reds Tickets:  Carly Arnold, Olivia Bobb, Brooke Buchanan, Jesse Current, Daniel Dailey, Jenson Daulton, Zachary Drabik, Wyatt Evans, Lane Frost, Lauren Greene, Emily Guisinger, Sherry Heckathorn, Braden Heizer, Dustin Huff, Brittney Mondabaugh, Mallory Nestler, Abigail Newkirk, Chonchanok Promsit, Hannah Putnam, Leann Richards, Emily Smithson, Alex Spears, Klay Walker


Perfect Attendance:  Ashley Allemann, Seth Allen, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Bradley Bumgarner, Hunter Dixon, Samuel Everhart, Jake Fraley, Nike Hurless-Groves, Macky Jones, Jade Knisley, Damien Lay, Ashley Taylor, Cayden Tolle, Ashley Trufolo

A Honor Roll:  Seth Allen, Amber Arikat, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Tove Granestrand, Grace Larrick, Ryan Matthews, Mitchell Rose, Ashley Taylor, Ashley Trufolo

A-B Honor Roll:  Ashley Allemann, Mackenzie Bolton, Lillian Collins, Chelsea Copas, Brayden Corzatt, Kaylee Crum, Trey Current, Hunter Dixon, Samuel Everhart, Ellie Fraley, Wyatt Harris, Nike Hurless-Groves, Randy Lamme, Damien Lay, Macie Pauley, Kylie Potts, Ethan Putnam, Zachary Schuler, Cayden Tolle, Blake Wait

Straight "A" Tickets:  Ashley Allemann, Seth Allen, Amber Arikat, Mackenzie Bolton, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Lillian Collins, Chelsea Copas, Kaylee Crum, Trey Current, Tove Granestrand, Nike Hurless-Groves, Lauren Kinsey, Randy Lamme, Grace Larrick, Damien Lay, Ryan Matthews, Ashley Neidich, Megan Newland, Macie Pauley, Kylie Potts, Ethan Putnam, Mitchell Rose, Mariah Smith, Ashley Taylor, Ashley Trufolo, Blake Wait

The Lion's Print
2015-16 - Issue #1


Created by High School Students

The Lions' Path  

The Senior English Prep. Class has created and designed a unique way of honoring Fairfield students who lost their lives too soon.

 The Lions' Path is two intersecting brick paths with trees/landscaping. The bricks contain the names of those students who have passed on during their time at Fairfield.  It is located in the circle in the driveway of the high school entrance.


Upcoming Events

Photo Gallery


Please watch this video for information about this strategy suggested by law enforcement and school safety experts.



2015 - BUILDING FAIRFIELD'S FUTURE --   Check out the new aerial photos of our building projects taken by a drone!!    Keep checking back for more!!

Special Education Records Notice          
Fairfield Local School District will be purging Special Education records beginning December 1, 2015.  Individuals with a graduation date prior to June 1, 2008 and who received Specialized Programming and/or related services wishing to obtain copies of Special Education files, should contact Tom Dean, Assistant Principal, Fairfield Local Schools, (937) 780-2977, no later than November 30, 2015.  After this date, only the last completed/develolped Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be available.

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