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Fairfield senior, Heather Cox, signed her letter of intent to Wilmington College on Wednesday, April 30th.  She will play basketball for the Lady Quakers.

HC Press Article

Heather is pictured here with her family and Fairfield coaches.  Sitting l-r: Fred Cox (father), Heather, Amy Cox (mother).  Standing l-r: Coach Chad Hamilton, Brittany Cox (sister), Coach Travis Vance and Coach Matt Hodson.

Michael is pictured here with his family, coach and superintendent: Sitting l-r: father, Bill Mangus, Michael Mangus, mother, Deborah Mangus.  Standing, l-r: Brother Matthew Mangus, Cross Country coach, Raymond Friend,
and Superintendent William Garrett

Fairfield senior, Michael Mangus, signed his letter of intent to Northern Kentucky University on Friday April 11th. He will run cross country and track and received academic money as well.


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Jessica Francis, a senior at Fairfield Local High School has been named a National Merit Finalist.   She is the first Finalist in Fairfield's school history.  Jessica was invited to the March board meeting to be presented with her Finalist certificate.  A copy was made to hang in Fairfield's Academic Hall of Fame.  Of the 1.5 million students who took the PSAT, only 8,000 students were named a National Merit Finalist.

Jessica plans to attend college to major in Biomedical Engineering.
Superintendent Bill Garrett presenting Jessica with her NMSC Finalist Certificate.


Fairfield's 2011-2012
Test Scores - Best Ever!!

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Highland County Press Article


The Lion's Print
Created by High School Students

"Straight A" Reds Tickets

Seniors - Tanner Ayres, Beth Bolton, Alexandra Cain, Guy Chambers, Heather Cox, Jacob Dalton, Rabecca Eads, Briana Evans, Allyna Hagen, Blake Hildebrant, Dalton Knisley, Michael Mangus, Cynnamon Sova-Davy

Juniors - Kylie Allen, Logan Bates, Shaylee Carson, Colin Davis, Sarah Dement, Kaitlin Evans, Justice Hattan, Nicholas Huxell, Alec Irvin, Elizabeth Jones, Aesa McComb, Lydia Sowders, Emily Teeters

Sophomores - Seth Allen, Amber Arikat, Natalie Brilz, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Brittany Cox, Trey Current, Grace Larrick, Jessica Taylor, Ashley Trufolo

Freshmen - Carly Arnold, Haleigh Bates, Brooke Buchanan, Hannah Crank, Jesse Current, Danny Dailey, Jensen Daulton, Lane Frost, Lauren Greene, Sherry Heckathorn, Braden Heizer, Brittney Mondabaugh, Abigail Newkirk, Ali Powers, Leann Richards, Baylee Willey

4th Quarter Awards


Perfect Attendance: Carly Arnold, Austin Bales, Braden Case, Hannah Crank, Trenten Harker, Braden heizer, Hannah Powell, Hannah Putnam, Shania Setty

A Honor Roll:  Haleigh Bates, Hannah Crank, Jesse Current, Wyatt Evans, Lauren Greene, Brittney Mondabaugh, Abigail Newkirk, Leann Richards

A-B Honor Roll:  Carlie Adams, Carly Arnold, Olivia Bobb, Brooke Buchanan, Mason Cain, Kaylynne Cox, Daniel Dailey, Jensen Daulton, Zachary Drabik, Lane Frost, Emily Guisinger, Devon Haynes, Sheerry Heckathorn, Braden Heizer, Dustin Huff, Clayton Jacobs, Logan McClanahan, Annabelle Meddock, Brianna Morris, Mallory Nestler, Alexandria Powers, Hannah Putnam, Jason Rice, Emily Shope, Alex Spears, Shelby Turner, Klay Walker, Baylee Willey


Perfect Attendance:  Brittany Cox, Christopher Durham-Tate, Jade Knisley, Damien Lay, Whitney Neeley, Ethan Putnam, Shad Wages

A Honor Roll:  Seth Allen, Amber Arikat, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Brittany Cox, Ashley Taylor, Ashley Trufolo

A-B Honor Roll:  Halee Adams, Mackenzie Bolton, Natalie Brilz, Arielle Carter, Casey Carter, Chelsea Copas, Brayden Corzatt, Trey Current, Hunter Dixon, Ellie Fraley, Wyatt Harris, Joanna Hochstuhl, Ashley Kinsey, Jade Knisley, Grace Larrick, Damien Lay, Ryan Matthews, Olivia Mitchell, Ashley Neidich, Kylie Potts, Ethan Putnam, Katara Scott


Perfect Attendance:  Seth Case, Kaitlin Evans, Courtney Harker, Aesa McComb

A Honor Roll:  Kylie Allen, Logan Bates, Justice Hattan

A-B Honor Roll:  Haley Bobb, Roshell Boles, Michael Border, Shaylee Carson, Seth Case, Tristen Collins, Colin Davis, Paul Dean, Kaitlin Evans, Caylin Franks, Courtney Harker, Nicholas Huxell, Alec Irvin, Caitlin Jones, Mariah Landrum, Aesa McComb, Arica Melson, Katie Runyon, Lydia Sowders, Emily Teeters, Shania Thompson


Perfect Attendance:  none

A Honor Roll: Guy Chambers, Heather Cox, Rabecca Eads, Blake Hildebrant, Dalton Knisley, Michael Mangus, Tarah    Mongold, Cynnaon Sova-Davy

A-B Honor Roll:  Dacoda Bennett, Halie Chain, Briana Evans, Alysha Fouch, Darby Ison, Gage Montgomery, Tristan Montgomery, Courtney Rhoades, Garret Schuler, Shelby Smithson, Jennifer Webb, Joseph Wilson, Jennifer Wright


 The Lions' Path


The Senior English Prep. Class has created and designed a unique way of honoring those Fairfield students who have lost their lives too soon.

 The Lions' Path is two intersecting brick paths with trees/landscaping. The bricks  contain the names of those students who have passed on during their time at Fairfield.  It is located in the circle in the driveway of the high school entrance.




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