The FHS Student Council sponsored a food drive during Homecoming week (January 19-22).  A total of 574 cans were collected. 
Freshmen = 270
Sophomores = 44 cans
Juniors = 49 cans
Seniors = 151 cans

The items collected by the Student Council will go to the Friendlyl Village Community Center.

Pictured are the HS Student Council Members.

Homecoming Spirit Week - Favorite Disney Characters!

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Perfect Attendance:  Blake Adams, Quinton Beatty, Veronika Burgess, Aubrey Drabik, Cody Gragg, Macinzey Harvey, Dakota Haynes, Jordan Hubbard, Cerena Kibbey, Kristin May, Annya Sheppard, Ashley Sowards, Andrea Spears, Nicholas Tate, Dylan Zimmerman

A Honor Roll:  Blake Adams, Chloe Barber, Veronika Burgess, Aubrey Drabik, John Grimm, Macinzey Harvey, Dakota Hayne, Jordan Hubbard, Ciara Knisley, Matthew Mangus, Carli Reiber, Garrett Spargur, Hannah Willey, Emily Williams, Sarah Young

A-B Honor Roll:  Tucker Ayres, Andrew Davis, Maggie Donahue, Wyatt Durbin, Cody Gragg, Caitlyn Melson, Nicholas Price, Megan Sanderson, Annya Sheppard, Grace Shope, Ashley Sowards, Andrea Spears, Megan Stanton, Shaynelle Turner, Jocelyn Urcell, Brandon Vidourek


Perfect Attendance:  Carly Arnold, Haleigh Bates, Braden Case, Daniel Dailey, Lane Frost, Lauren Greene, Trenten Harker, Braden Heizer, Taylor Newland, Alexandria Powers, Shania Setty, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Emily Shope, Alex Spears

A Honor Roll:  Carlie Adams, Carly Arnold, Haleigh Bates, Brooke Buchanan, Jensen Daulton, Lane Frost, Lauren Greene, Brittney Mondabaugh, Mallory Nestler, Abigail Newkirk, Leann Richards, James Wuellner

A-B Honor Roll:  Olivia Bobb, Dillon Burley, Kaylynne Cox, Hannah Crank, Jesse Current, Daniel Dailey, Wyatt Evans, Emily Guisinger, Sherry Heckathorn, Braden Heizer, Logan McClanahan, Annabelle Meddock, Jason Moeller, Brianna Morris, Marie Pegan, Alexandria Powers, Shania Setty, Emily Shope, Emily Smithson, Alex Spears, Shelby Turner, Klay Walker, Baylee Willey


Perfect Attendance:  Ashley Alleman, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Kaylee Crum, Samuel Everhart, Macky Jones, Jade Knisley, Damien Lay, Megan Newland, Ethan Putnam

A Honor Roll:  Seth Allen, Amber Arikat, Mackenzie Bolton, Sarah Buddelmeyer, Ryan Matthews, Olivia Mitchell

A-B Honor Roll:  Halee Adams, Ashley Allemann, Camille Burgess, Arielle Carter, Brayden Corzatt, Trey Current, Wyatt Harris, Damien Lay, Megan Newland, Macie Pauley, Ethan Putnam, Mitchell Rose, Ashley Taylor, Cayden Tolle, Ashley Trufolo


Perfect Attendance:  Roshell Boles, Michael Border, Lydia Sowders, Emily Teeters

A Honor Roll: Logan Bates, Thomas Ellison, Kaitlin Evans, Aesa McComb, Arica Melson, Lydia Sowders, Emily Teeters

A-B Honor Roll:  Haley Bobb, Roshell Boles, Michael Border, Paul Dean, Caylin Franks, Kayla Gordon, Justice Hattan, Alec Irvin, Layne Irvin, Elizabeth Jones, Mariah Landrum, Katie Runyon, Heather Sanderson, Shania Thompson

The Lion's Print
Created by High School Students

The Lions' Path  

The Senior English Prep. Class has created and designed a unique way of honoring Fairfield students who lost their lives too soon.

 The Lions' Path is two intersecting brick paths with trees/landscaping. The bricks contain the names of those students who have passed on during their time at Fairfield.  It is located in the circle in the driveway of the high school entrance.




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