NEW Online Service - Final Forms

Final Forms

We are excited to announce that Fairfield Local Schools is now using a web-based platform for student registration!

FinalForms is an online forms and data management system that guarantees compliance, distributes data and reduces liability within our district.  FinalForms saves student data from sport-to-sport, club-to-club and year-to-year, eliminating paperwork from your life!  At minimum, you will log in to update, verify and sign forms once per year, or as often as your information changes.

If you have student athletes at the high school or middle school, you are probably already familiar with FinalForms.  Our Athletic Department is extremely satisfied with the simplicity and organization that the program delivers to administrators, coaches and parents.

We are asking that all parents use FinalForms.  

Please register at:

Parent Playbook

The FinalForms Parent Playbook will give you step-by-step instructions. Support is available at the bottom of every page within FinalForms. FinalForms can be accessed from a computer, tablet or your smartphone.



NOTE: If your student is NEW to the district (preschoolers, kindergarteners and transfer students), please be sure to click the "New to District" checkbox when registering your student.

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