Tax Levy Renewal

Last Updated: 3/9/2021 7:08 PM
Tax Levy Renewal
On March 6, 2012, the Fairfield Schools community showed its continued support by renewing the 4-year Permanent Improvement Tax Levy.  The money generated by this levy continues to provide additional funds for repairs, materials and technology needs.
Here is a an outline of where some of the PI funds are being used:


  • Tile flooring in High School hall, District Office hall, entrance and connector
  • Safety gate across loading dock
  • 16 Smart Boards for classrooms
  • Roof repair to connector
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Energy efficient lighting for cafeteria and Middle School gym


  • Tile Flooring in Elementary Halls
  • 10 Smart Boards for Classrooms
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Energy Efficient Lighting for Hallways
  • 38 computers for Business Lab

Planned P.I. Expenditures

  • Bus Purchase
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Sound System
  • Parking Lot Repairs
  • Bus Barn Repairs
  • Band Equipment
Thank you for your continued support!!