Treasurer's Office

Mike Morrow, CPA

Susie Deatley
Asst. Treasurer - Accounting
Grant Amyx
Asst. Treasurer - Payroll

Financial Information

           SY2017-2019 Audited Financial Statements
           2019 Auditor of State Award - Excellence in Financial Reporting

           May 2020 5-Year Forecast
           May 2020 5-Year Forecast Assumptions

Master Contract

2020-2021 Master Contract

Payroll & Human Resources

2020-21 Pay Date Calendar
2020-21 Work Calendars (All Employees)
Application for Leave - Form

Family and Medical Leave Act Information
403(b) Eligibility


Employee Leave & Sub Calling

           Application for Leave - Procedures 
           Frontline/AESOP Link
           Employee QuickStart Guide
           Supervisor & Secretary QuickStart Guide

           System Settings / Call Times
           Preferred Sub Instructions
           Classroom Coverage Timesheet
           Substitute QuickStart Guide
           Substitute Phone Apps
           Help Link

Frontline Timesheets & Timeclock

           Frontline/AESOP Link
           Using the Timesheet
           Using the Timeclock
           Adding Additional Timesheets

           Timesheet Review (Admin)
           Timesheet Approval (Admin)


Accounting - Forms

Purchase Requisition Form
Reimbursement Request for Professional Meeting Form - 2020
Monthly Mileage Form - 2020
Cash Slips - 2019-2020 SY (revised 6/19)
Supplemental Contract - Request for Payment Form
Supplemental Contract - 2019-20 Calendar
Supplemental Contract - 2020-21 Calendar
Fixed Asset Additions Form
Fixed Asset Disposal Form
Fixed Asset Borrow Form


Accounting - Links, Documents and Procedures

Proper Handling of Public Funds
Order Placing Procedures
Employee Reimbursement Outline


Staff Tuition Reimbursement

Request to Participate 
Request for Reimbursement



Insurance Costs

Medical Mutual BC/BS Claim Form
Flex Spending Claim Form
Dependent Care Claim Form

2020-21 Information

Medical Mutual - Summary of Benefits
Medical Mutual - Glossary of Medical Terms
Medical Mutual - Explanation of Benefits
Medical Mutual - Find a Provider
Medical Mutual - Online Physician
Medical Mutual - Make the Most of Your Membership
Medical Mutual - My Care Compare
Medical Mutual - Specialty Drug Solution
Medical Mutual - Mobile App Information
Medical Mutual - Appeal Form
Medical Mutual - Prescriptions by Mail 
Medical Mutual - Clinics & Telemedicine
Medical Mutual - Popular Procedures Guide

Delta Dental - Summary of Benefits
Delta Dental - Employee Welcome Packet
Delta Dental - ID Card Information

Delta Dental - Online Portal Information
Delta Dental - Contacts
Delta Dental - Orthodontics

VSP - Summary of Benefits & Member Information

Required Notices
Fairfield Annual Notices
Medicare D Creditable Coverage
Health Insurance Marketplace
Notice of Privacy Practices

Board Policy GBS - Insurance Eligibility

403(b) Annual Notice

For information regarding insurance, see information above or contact Mike Morrow at the District Office at 780-2221.     
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Student Activities

Statement of Purpose
Budget Form 
Fund-Raiser Request Form
Potential Income Form
Actual Income Form
Permit to Use School Premises Form
Purchase Requisition Form
Student Activity Policy