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New Ohio Immunization Requirements
A note has been sent home to update parents on Ohio Dept. fo Health immunization changes and requirements for the 2016-17 school year.  These changes involve upcoming 7th grade and 12th grade students.  We would like to encourage you to schedule appointments soon, especially if your child is a Junior because they need two doses before next school year. Doses must be given 8 weeks apart.  Parents of 6th and 11th grade students must act quickly.

NEW Requirements for 2016-17 (must receive prior to entry)
7th Grade:  One dose of meningococcal vaccine
12th Grade: One dose of meningococcal vaccine

PREVIOUS Requirements are still necessary (prior to entry)
7th-12th Grades: One dose of Tdap vaccine

Vaccination Information

Vaccinations can be received at your physician's office or the HIghland County Health Department located at 1487 N. High St. Hillsboro.  Call for an appointment at 937-393-1941.


Protocol for Emergency Notifications
In the event of an emergency, the One Call Now system will be the mode of contact.

Clinic / Sick Room Policy 

Guidelines for parents to follow if your child feels sick:


Keep your child home from school if:

  • your child was sick with vomiting or watery diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • your child had a fever of 100 degrees or higher at anytime within the last 24 hours
  • your child is being treated for strep throat (your child must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before coming back to school)
  • your child has a lasting cough or cold with fever and body aches
  • your child has crusted or matted eyelashes and/or green, yellow or white sticky eye drainage along with eye redness. Please note: your child needs to see a doctor for medication and can return to school with treatment and/or a doctor note.


When your child has a cold, please remember:

  • give the school a telephone number where you can be reached if your child gets worse
  • remind your child to cover nose and mouth when coughing and/or sneezing
  • teach your child to cough or sneezeinto their bent arm (inside of elbow)
  • teach your child to wash hands often. Encourage good hand washing at school and at home. It's the best way to stop the spread of illness or disease!
  • Use Tylenol or ibuprofen for fever. Do not use aspirin. It can cause Reyes Syndrome which can be fatal to your child.




1. All medications (prescription or non-prescription) require that your physician complete the Administration of Medication Form (Part I) and that the parent/guardian complete Part II.

2. The parent/guardian shall bring the medication in the original labeled container to the school secretary or nurse.  DO NOT SEND THE MEDICATION WITH THE CHILD. The medication will be stored in the clinic and should NOT be with the student or transported in their backpack.

3. It is the responsibilty of the student to come to the office and get their medication at the prescribed time.

Please contact Megan Abbott if you have any questions or concerns.

NOTE:  Please click on the link above to print the "Administration of Medication Form".  This is a .pdf file that must be printed and then filled-out.  It cannot be filled out on-line.