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2018-2019 – 3rd Quarter Awards

Perfect Attendance: Ayden Brown, Phoenix Fisher, Ava Haines, Nathan Howard, Hailey Klein, Lexi Reno

1st Grade
Perfect Attendance: Greyson Harrison, Chandler Klein, Jaydn Leber, Conner Livingston, Davis McKenzie, Mariah Moats-Davis, Elliana Reeves, Ethan Roush, Braxton Runyon

2nd Grade
Perfect Attendance: Kalea Baldwin, Kaiden Fite, Dennis Henderson, Ruby Henninger, Morgan Hughes, Caitlyn Ramsey, Luke Russell, Roman Russell, Noah White

3rd Grade
Perfect Attendance: Ethan Bartley, Brady Binegar, Brent Butcher, Connor Chandler, Bryson Dotson, Cambria Hartley, Jorja May

Principal’s Award: Ellayna Bruce, Blake Dreher, Lydia Hamilton, Killian Matson, Paisley Stahlhut

Honor Roll: Landson Abt, Hayleigh Adkins, Brady Binegar, Logan Burgess, Miley Caldwell, Addison Cannon, Connor Chandler, Lyla Cockerill, Isla Corzatt, Toby Craycraft, Kelsie Crowder, Tristian Drennan, Brilynne Ford, Levi Giles, Aurora Glenn, Andrew Haines, Cambria Hartley, Caleb Hayslip, Patrick Hughes, Anderson Humphreys, Sierra Hunt, Emily Lewis, Jorja May, Kendall May, Hannah McGlone, Avery Morrow, Owen Mustard, Silas Newman, Anna Parker, Iryna Reeves, Eloise Roehm, Raenee Stratton, Khloe Welling, Elizabeth Werring, Jada White, Harper Wolfenbarger, Emory Zornes

4th Grade
Perfect Attendance: Greyson Abbott, Spencer Allering, Caleb Barrera, Daphne Butts, Griffin Friend, Vivian
Henninger, Caden Lewis, Taylor Livingston, Noah Mahanes, Cameron Miller, Kaylee Mondabaugh, Remi Moon, Audrey Piercy, Victoria Piercy, Caleb rice, Kaydee Simmons, Jorgia Smith

Principal’s Award: Greyson Abbott, Alyssa Bales, Caleb Barrera, Vivian Henninger, Kaylee Hurless-Miller,
Cameron Miller, Aubry Moore, Landry Teeters, Ciara Woods, Emerson Zink

Honor Roll: Spencer Allering, Connor Ayers, Emma Ayers, Van Bennington, Rason Brunck, Layne Burgess, Daphne Butts, Zane Collins, Kinsey Drury, Caitlyn Feeser, Griffin Friend, Jackson Howland, Caden Lewis, Mason Lightle, Ava Martinez, Remi Moon, Whitlee Morrow, Audrey Piercy, Angelina Rhodus, Caleb Rice, Brody Smith, Madeline Williams


2019 LOL Night Staff

Upcoming Events

  • May 14, 15, and 17 PTO Scholastic BOGO Book Fair
  • May 14 - Kindergarten - 2nd grade Farm Safety Day
  • May 15 - Grandparents' Day (K-1 10:00 a.m. and 2nd -4th 2:00 p.m.)
  • May 16 - Super Games
  • May 16  - LOL Day "Reading makes you bright!" - Wear bright colors!
  • May 21 - 1st grade field trip to Columbus Zoo
  • May 21 - 3rd grade Fractured Fairy Tales 2:15 p.m.
  • May 22 - 4th grade Book Gallery 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • May  22 - Kindergarten Program 7:00 p.m. auditeria
  • May 23 - Final awards' assembly for 3rd and 4th grade 9:00 a.m. auditeria
  • May 23 - May and June Birthday Recognition Day
  • May 24 - Year End Parties and one hour early release - Last day for students 



 Mrs. Campbell

Fourth Grade ELA teacher


  • Something about me that might surprise you: 

-I am the second all-time leading scorer in basketball for girls at Manchester!

  • Three words to describe me would be:? 

-Bubbly, athletic, caring 

  • What character from a children's book can you relate with most? And why??? 

Amelia Bedelia because I’m ditzy and forgetful! 

  • For fun, I enjoy spending time with friends and family 

  • Describe what you were like in 4th grade:? 

-In fourth grade, I spent most of my time playing sports.  I wore long basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes to school everyday with a low ponytail. I loved math class and gym.  

  • My favorite part about working at Fairfield Local Elementary:? 

-The positive environment, how caring the staff is, and being able to work with all the staff and students. 

                Mrs. Campbell                                Mrs. Campbell in fourth grade


Three days a week, one student from each grade level (K-4) will be randomly selected to come to the office and lead the elementary classrooms in the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom.   What a GREAT way to start the day!!   Check out the Pledge leaders in our Photo Gallery.


Photo Gallery


Help Wanted
Check out "Employment" for more information.


NurseThe Highland County General Health District will be here May 16th 11am to 2pm administering vaccines to incoming 7th and 12th graders.  Please watch for paperwork in your child's belongings and return it back to the school if you wish for your child to get the vaccine here at school.  This vaccination is required prior to the start of school in August.  Contact Nurse Abbott with any questions. 


CalendarThe 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 School Year Calendars have been approved! 
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