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2018 Community Scholarship Recipeints

Macinzey Harvey - Fairfield Community Scholarship
Chloe Barber - Mia Otey Memorial Scholarship
Grace Shope - David A. Watts Scholarship
Ashley Sowards - Lynnette Kiesling Shanton Scholarship

2017-2018 - 1st Quarter Honors
2017-2018 - 1st Quarter Straight "A" Reds Tickets
2017-2018 - 2nd Quarter Honors
2017-2018 - 3rd Quarter Honors

Ohio’s Options for a High School Diploma
The transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their future after high school. The department is providing the following tools to communicate effectively these options.

Below is an informative video outlining the options. 

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The Lion's Print
2015-16 - Issue #2
2015-16 - Issue #1
Created by High School Journalism Class

The Lions' Path  

The Senior English Prep. Class has created and designed
a unique way of honoring Fairfield students who lost their lives too soon.

 The Lions' Path is two intersecting brick paths with trees/landscaping. The bricks contain the names of those students who have passed on during their time at Fairfield.  It is located in the circle in the driveway of the high school entrance.

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Sr Nights

Class of 2019We will be honoring our senior fall athletes on the following dates:
Cross Country - September 18th during the home meet (before the MS race) at the track
Soccer - October 3rd between the boys and girls games
Volleyball and Soccer - October 9th between JV and Varsity games

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